Change is the only Constant!!!


 Akash Kasuladev

Writer, Foodie, Photographer, Traveller



An enthusiastic Engineer with passion towards marketing and sales started his career as a Trainee Engineer in Vishwesh Udyog, Nagpur, where he proved to be a great team worker he designed and installed various pressure boosting systems and undertook servicing of hydraulic powerpack systems in various powerplants.. He received accolades for analysis and implementation of different technologies and methods to boost company sales. He increased sales by 27% in short period of 4 months in a highly competitive market by integrating both sales and services as one quadrant and also educating his peers the same. As a Consequence he was promoted to Sales and Service coordinator with huge expectations from the management, where he received appeciation from the management for his contributions.

He wanted to explore new avenues and didn’t want to limit himself to one particular industry, type or product so after research in many fields, he decided to acquire a Master's degree in Management Information Systems to allow him to better understand and learn how to integrate business with informations systems.