Our project aims to build a system that would help connect farmers to customers directly through our Online platform.
This website allows users to browse different vegetables offered based on Organic/Inorganic type.
Users can buy at bulk using the quantity and check prices according to each vegetable. Additionally users are able to review each vegetable on thier quality and freshness.
We will be able to solve any order issues through our customised helpdesk system.

Project Members:

Andrew Naveen Kumar Sekar - Z1805107
Arun Balaji Balu - Z1802176

Functional Requirements:

Authentication: Sign Up and Login functionalities with text boxes and buttons connected to a database to store the details.

Product Catalog: System should be able to display all the Vegetable selections from the database according to the procurement details.

Product Confirmation: System should be able to display the vegetable that is selected by the user along with the quantity, Organic/Inorganic, Price, Vegetable description, Customer reviews based on previous orders.

Order Processing: System should be able to check-out all the orders based on the user selection and allow the users to choose mode of payment.

Customer Feedback: System should be able to record the Customer feedback. The feedback should be entered in a text area under each product.

Media: Vegetables Catalog & description page must contain images of the vegetables. Based on the user selection each image will redirect the user to its appropriate Production description followed by Order Check Out page.

e-Mail functionality: Customers should receive an automated email with the order details once the customer confirms the order.

Dynamic Form Fields & Backend: Web form fields will change based on the selection of vegetables. SQL Server database will have tables to store vegetable details such as Price, Quantity, Description and Customer Feedback.


Non-Functional Requirements:

Maintainability: Ensure product catalogue is updated based on the inventory management periodically. Demand should be handled according to the volume of the purchases.

Extensibility: Taking future growth into consideration the system design should allow the future product development updates based on new product categories and facilitate to include more sellers online.

Scalability: The website should be able to handle high user traffic such while ensuring the stability of the web application and the backend systems.

Robustness: The website should be able to handle the invalid user input while filling form in customer sign up and Help page webforms.

Quality & Safety: Quality and Safety of the Vegetables should be considered as the most important requirement through the quality inspection in the inventory and listing compulsory safety guidelines to procuring/packaging of the vegetables.

Platform Compatibility: System should be designed responsive for both Mobile/Desktop screens by taking advantage of the angular javascript framework associated with ASP.NET in Visual Studio.

Serviceability: System should be designed efficiently to handle user technical support requests regarding the website with the quickest response time without affecting the delivery timelines.

Accessibility: Application design should strongly enforce minimalistic approach which are easily usable and accessible by all people.