Andrew Naveen Kumar Sekar


OMIS Graduate Student at Northern Illinois University

Hi there!

My name is Andrew Naveen Kumar, and I'm a OMIS graduate Student at Northern Illinois University, currerntly living in the United States. I come from India, which is a country that has created a unique brand identity for itself in the field of Science and Technology. Growing up in an environment where everyone talks and works with technology makes it close to impossible for anyone to ignore the speed and pace at which technology has become such a vital aspect in our day- to- day lives. Given this unique advantage, it is hard for me to ignore the potential I can unleash by bringing together Technology and business. And hence my determination to build and nurture this potential by pursuing one of the most exciting and important fields of 21st century: Information Systems which combines expertise in analytics technology with business know-how.

"We are on the cusp of creating a world in which technology is increasingly pervasive but is also increasingly invisible."

Outside the world of technology and business, I also strongly beleive this

"All work and no play, definitely makes Jack a dull boy"

These are the things that you use every day for work and play, and pretty much can’t live without!