Pizza is the best most wholesome quality ingredients that money can buy. Bahar Pizza is a take out and pizza delivery restaurant. Our customers can login into our web based application and place an order. The database admin has the customer details and payment information he also updates the stock and prices for the items. The customers login into our application and can choose either the delivery option or carry out option then they need to enter their address( The address is automatically updated from the database, the customer can change the address if he wishes to do so), The customer can now select a pizza or create his own. Now the customer can check out and pay for the order placed.

Functional Requirements:

Login\Signup: Customer with an existing account will login to the account and create an order, for the new users they need to create an account

 Admin: Admin should have the privilege to monitor and administrate the database server Multiple options for customer: The customer should be provided with multiple options at every page, like in the first page he should be be provided options for pizza, desserts or drinks.

 Customization: When the customer logs in to the account and selects to create own pizza, they are able to customize their own pizza order

Bahar Specials: If the customer opts for specials instead of create own pizza, specialities of the restaurant should be shown on the screen

Select for Delivery: Once the Pizza order is created, they can opt for the delivery of the pizza by using their address details which they already provided Suggestions: The app should show suggestions for add ons to the customer meal during check out

Payment: Customer can buy the pizza through online by paying through credit card or debit card.

 Non-Functional Requirements:

 User Friendly: Mobile application for the pizza order should be user-friendly and easy to understand

Response Time: When the user navigates from one page to another the response of the pages should be fast with a maxium response time of 2 seconds.

Login Security: While logging into the application, the customer should provide their credentials which can be verified and authenticated from the database server.

 Payment Security Authentication: When the payment is done for the pizza order, there should be a secure CVV authentication for the card that is used. Navigation: When the customer navigates from one page to another the response should be faster and there should be no lag in that along with basic transitions.

Scalability: There should be scope of adding some additional functionalities to the application in the future with minimum effort possible









Team Members:

Kaushik Dharmaseelan           

Mohammed Jaffer Ali