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We work in conjuction with 'Save A Hound' to bring the communities dogs that are in need of homes


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Here's Nelson!! This is a GREAT dog just waiting for his forever home. He's a big, lovable goofball. I was so sad when I saw his picture the other day not even able to raise his head for his photo but within a short while he came to life, melting in to his caretakers arms, soaking up a little belly rub and run in the greeting yard. Hounds hate the shelter environment, they have separation anxiety really bad. Nelson has so much love to give!! Please rescue, go visit or repost. πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’•#downeyanimalshelter #shelterdogsofinstagram #shelterdogsrock #adoptdontshop #coonhoundrescue #houndsofinstagram @dogmeetsfamily

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