Welcome to Pet Adoption Agency by the Awesome Ladies Consulting Group



Website/Project Type: Pet Adoption Website Agency- an online searchable database of various animals who are in need of loving homes!

 Functions: View and search for pets, view photos as well as records regarding animals, and where they are located. Fill out online adoption forms.

 Pet Adoption Agency is an application where users can go online and search for an array of animals whom are in need of loving homes. By searching through specific criteria, users can view photos as well as records regarding the animals available for adoption or fosters. If users are willing to adopt, they can see where those pets are located and fill out an online adoption form. The user can expect the adoption forms will be received by an appropriate shelter and receive a response within a week.




Ø  Search for dogs using different types of criteria i.e. breed/sex/color/age

Ø  View photos of dogs from search results and be able to view them in a larger size

Ø  View descriptions regarding dogs, all details i.e. date of birth/location/micro-chip

Ø  Submit on line form application for adoption or foster to start process

Ø  User needs to be able to place a dog on hold for viewing in person during the application process

Ø  Provide searchable list of locations for breeders and shelters via zip code

Ø  User needs to be able to submit contact ticket to Pet Adoption Agency to ask specific questions

Ø  User needs to be able to choose different types of Pet Care options and download all appropriate documentation for saving/printing.



Ø  Application needs to be easy to navigate and free of clutter

Ø  Application needs to have fast upload and refresh times <1sec

Ø  Web submission forms need to be emailed directly to an email distribution list to ensure proper response

Ø  Website must be updated daily with new Pets from database and images

Ø  Application must be scalable to handle increase work and usage once more and more pets are added to the databases

Ø  Application must be easy to maintain in the future, support for the application should be easy to manage

Ø  Application needs to be platform compatible on all operating systems including but not limited to IOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Mobile

Ø  Application must contain Emotional Wow factors to ensure that our end users have a great experience and increased desire to adopt/foster pets.