Quality Food-Get a bag of food that's the same as the food your new pet ate at the shelter, and the also get a bags(or cans) of that you want to transistion your pet to for the long-term.
Food & Water Bowls-Stick to steel or anti-microbial food and water dishes that can be cleaned in a dish washer.
Pet Bed-Everyone loves to curl up and sleep somewhere comfortable. Making sure your dog has somewhere comfortable to lay down and relax is essential.
Crate or Carrier-Theses are helpful in transporting your pet to the vet's or housebreaking a new puppy. Make sure that your dog has enough room in the crate or carrier to stand up and move around comfortably.
Collar with ID Tag-For dogs make sure they have a comfortabley fitted(you should be able to stick two of your fingers between their neck and their collar) collar on with ID tag at all times. If you want to be truly responsible, get your pet microchipped. If often costs about $20 through your adoption group or shelter (if they haven't already done it), and helps immensely if your dog is ever lost or stolen. And make sure you get a 6-foot leash as well.
First Aid Supplies-See our previous blog post about creating your own pet first aid kit or buying one through a local pet store.
Poop Supplies-IF you've gotten a dog, make sure you have poop bags. And make sure you have some stain & odor remover into your shopping basket!
Training Toys & Treats-Whether your newest family member is 6 months old or 6 years old, you can still teach them new tricks and work on developing a stronger bond between the two of you. Make sure to pick up a couple of fun toys and a couple different flavors of treats. We always like the people who feed us the most. right?
Grooming Supplies-Definitely buy a pair of nail clippers for your pet, snice they don't tend to wear down their nails as much in our homes these days.
Pet Insurance-Sign up today! Really. This will cost you less than a bag of pet food every month, and could save you thousands in the future.
Dog care book-This some resources for future sound advice.