Understanding Dogs

Whether he or she was born in the bushes behind the laundromat or an

adolescent abandoned on the streets by his once-upon-a-time owner, the streetwise stray can be a real challenge to incorporate into your life. The famous "he followed me home, can I keep hi, Mom?" canine is a special animal that needs time and space, patience and understanding. 

This is  dogs that has had to compete to stay alive; they fought for food, scrambled for shelter. His or her reliance on their inborn canine savvy kept them alive on the streets long enough to be rescued and adopted by you. Now you've committed yourself to him, it becomes a crash course in Canine Soicalization and Human Interaction 101. If they are street-born, chances are they never heard a toilet flush or seen a vaccum cleaner in action. He'll gobble up his food, throwing furtive glances left and right. The acousitics of the indoor environment may make him anxious. Edgy, they will whine and pace. A sudden sound and they either bolt upright ready for action or slither along behind you.

Be reasonable in your expectations. Be sensitive. It's culture shock, pure and simple. Put yourself in their shoes. Just imagine that you've been snatched away from home and suddenly find yourself in an aboriginal outback community. No Language or gestures in common. Communication is by trial and error. Be patient and supportive. You'll succeed.


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