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Our project aims at building an easy-to-use flight booking portal using ASP.NET based on C# programming with the use of HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. The integration of the portal with an SQL Database makes the website dynamic(communicates with the database and fetches information). This portal enables the customer to make and cancel reservations, check-in online, track flights, retrieve & email itinerary, apply for memberships and choose in-flight meals.

The functional & non-functional requirements are described below.

Functional Requirements                                                        Non- Functional Requirements

1. Search for flights                                                                Easy to use/User-friendly

2. Book flights                                                                            Ease of deployment

3. Cancel reservations/flight                                              Secure

4. Retrieve Itinerary                                                                Easily upgradable

5. Email/Receive Itinerary                                                    Cost effective

6. Track a flight                                                                                 Robust

7. Web Check-in                                                                        Handle traffic

 8. Choose in-flight meals                                                       Browser support